Good Hope Psychological Service

At Good Hope Psychological Service (GHPS) we are passionate about contributing to the healing and well-being of our fellow South Africans. In a country where many have suffered trauma but do not have access to psychological help, GHPS has taken the initiative to offer free psychological therapy.

Since 1996, Good Hope Psychological Service has been operating from the Stellenbosch state hospital, and since 2003 also from TC Newman hospital in Paarl, offering much-needed therapy to individuals and families in Stellenbosch, Paarl and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to maintain the established preventative and healing service and to expand it to other geographical areas.

We offer individual, family and group therapies aimed at children and adults, including:

• Trauma, especially related to child abuse
• Behavioural problems
• Family conflict and support
• Parenting skills
• Learning-related difficulties
• Depression and suicide
• Stress management
• Couples counselling
• Aids counselling
• Support for adults battling with chronic mental health conditions

We also offer training opportunities for intern counsellors and psychologists.


  • Intellectual and social development of neglected children. Offers support to neglected children at farm schools in order to address development needs and delays.
  • Prevention of sexual assault. Programmes aims at preventing sexual abuse present at schools (grades R, 1 and 2) to empower children to report abuse and to protect themselves.
  • Training of caregivers. Day-care providers are trained to recognise and understand the development stages and needs of preschool children.
  • Trauma counselling. Families, groups and hospital staff are supported during and after traumatic events, such as violent crime (e.g., murder and rape), abortion, accidents (motor vehicle, etc.) and suicide.
  • Aids orphans. Families in which one or both parents have died of Aids are assisted. When children from these families are placed in alternative care they receive support when faced with adjustment challenges.
  • Operation counselling. GHPS therapists are approached by doctors to help calm fearful children prior to medical procedures.
  • Teacher support. Staff at farm schools are taught how to cope with stress and manage disciplinary problems.
  • Entrepreneurship. Discharged prisoners are assisted while re-integrating into the community and in creating jobs for themselves.


Tel: 021 886 6188



Address: 20 Main Road, Paarl, 7646.