Imbali Western Cape

Imbali Western Cape operates primarily in the rural community of Kylemore outside Stellenbosch, working to improve the quality of childhood and enable independent income-earning opportunities for young people and adults.

Based on a belief in the equal importance of the material, social, and spiritual wellbeing of a whole person, the whole family, and the community as a whole, our comprehensive approach is five-fold:

  1. Enhance childhood
  2. Support parents
  3. Facilitate knowledge and skills transfer
  4. Supplement nourishment
  5. Generate job-creation and independent earning opportunities

Vision & Mission

A vibrant self-supporting Kylemore community, where human dignity, self-respect, personal contribution, and community esteem are the norm, and growing to encompass the surrounding communities.

Through self-help and taking responsibility for one another, we aim to improve the quality of childhood and enable independent income earning opportunities for young people and adults.

Sunny Sky Projects

  1. Visual Literacy Project. The Imbali Visual Literacy Project (VLP), with the generous outreach programme from Alexis Hanslo and “The Children’s Art Centre”, took root in Kylemore in 2001 and today has 100 children on a once-a-month art workshop program. This project addresses the need to provide a structured and meaningful program that enhances the visual literacy education of the children in Kylemore.
  2. Kylemore Crèche. Safe care for crèche children in Frank’s Heaven Crèche starts as early at 07h00 daily and ends as late as 18h00 – all get breakfast and lunch daily as well as juices and a magic muffin snack before they go home! It is Aunty Rosie and her team’s mission to provide activities for toddlers which stimulate motor functions, life skills, improved concentration and coordination, development of self-confidence and independence, rhythm and timing, shapes and colours.
  3. Infant Day Care. Early Childhood Development plays an important role in the life of children and it is Imbali’s intention to ensure an environment which stimulates the child and is conducive of fostering a sense of belonging and pride. We have embarked upon a journey to accommodate our infants in a ‘home away from home’ and have launched our “Vuyo Sana” campaign, meaning “Happy Baby”.
  4. Magic Muffins. Through our Feed A Child A Muffin A Day campaign, Imbali aims to provide a fortified muffin each day to every under-privileged and under-nourished child in Kylemore.


Tel: 083 601 2376
Fax to e-mail: 086 605 3503
Address: Sunny Sky Projects 135 t/a IMBALI WC, 310 Main Street, Paarl, 7646