Legacy Community Development

Legacy Community Development is a non-profit organisation (incorporated under Section 21 of the Companies Act of 1973 with Section 18A exemption) represented by its directors Maphelo Ntshanga, Brendan Venter, Dirk Ehlers and Louise Fourie. Legacy’s projects are managed by permanent staff members, but are also linked to the passion, skills and gifts of volunteers (especially from Stellenbosch Gemeente and the Stellenbosch University).

During the last few years the population in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch grew from 12 000 to more than 30 000. The majority of these people live under squatter conditions, with limited access to clean water and sanitation. The illiteracy levels and the unemployment rate (nearly 30%) are high. Conditions of this nature are ideal for the proliferation of health related problems, including HIV/AIDS. While the HIV prevalence of the municipal area of Stellenbosch is 17%, Kayamandi’s is 27%. Most of the children in Kayamandi (especially those that live in the informal settlements) are subject to poverty, poor education opportunities, illiterate parents, an absent father figure, hunger/malnutrition and the results of HIV/Aids and tuberculosis.

This is where Legacy Community Development joins hands with other institutions to make a difference.

The Legacy Centre

The base from where Legacy operates in Kayamandi is the Legacy Centre – this multi-functional community centre was built in 2002 in partnership with the Municipality of Stellenbosch. During the day the larger hall area (the Legacy Hall) is used as a day care centre and during the evenings and over week-ends it is used by the community for events like funerals, weddings, church meetings and concerts. A smaller hall (the Joseph Selela Hall) was added at the end of 2006 – this opened up new possibilities and is currently utilised in the mornings for adult activities under the banner of Project Uvuyo and in the afternoons for the Khulani Kayamandi children’s project.

Projects of Legacy

  • Ikhaya Lempilo (“House of Health”): An eight bed halfway house/respite centre next to the Legacy Centre providing a place for clients who have either just initiated ART with low CD4 counts to receive nutritional and care support in a healthy environment, or who have been discharged from the hospital after treatment for an opportunistic infection and in need of further care. This facility focuses on clients that stay in shacks (without toilet facilities, running water, isolation against the heat and the cold and privacy) and is managed by a trained nurse, occupational therapist and care workers under the supervision of a general practitioner.
  • Khulani Kayamandi: A children’s project focusing on- and working towards transformation of primary school learners in Kayamandi through the provision of identity, a new value system, a peer group, contact with positive role models and a purpose to live for. It is also an attempt to promote Aids awareness. This project is run by a project leader and youth workers from Kayamandi and is supported by volunteers from especially Stellenbosch University and Stellenbosch Gemeente.
  • Saracens (Transformation through sport): A partnership with the Saracens (UK) enabled Legacy to start a sport programme at the Kayamandi High School.
  • Mki: In 2009 Legacy entered into partnership with the Medical Knowledge Institute, a Dutch NGO who extended the Legacy Center to house their Health Information Centre. They run regular workshops on health related issues.
  • Uvuyo: Project Uvuyo focuses on adults and in the mornings there are various opportunities for them to come together to learn a new skill but also to have a good time. The oldest project at the Legacy Centre is the Siyazakha needle work project that is run in partnership with Stellenbosch Moedergemeente.
  • Igadi ye themba: The centre is surrounded by a garden, with a vegetable garden as the main focus. The aim is to provide vegetables for HIV positive clients and to empower the people of Kayamandi with the skill of gardening to earn a living, but also to produce their own vegetables, beautify their surroundings and to acquire hope.


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