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South Africa houses 10% of everybody in the world living with HIV – more than any other country. Looking at sub Sahara Africa specifically, this number climbs to 65%. Recognizing that this battle against HIV/ Aids needed to be tackled head-on, South Africa’s Presidency challenged Stellenbosch University (SU) towards the end of 2000 to develop a programme that trains people in HIV/Aids management. Only a few months later, in 2001, a Postgraduate Diploma in HIV/Aids Management (PDM) was offered, the first of its kind in the world. Because of the PDM’s success, the Africa Centre for HIV/Aids Management was founded and a Masters programme in HIV/Aids Management was introduced in 2003. To date, more than 3000 students have graduated in the diploma and Masters programmes.


By playing a creative and active role in nourishing social, political and economic transformation, the Africa Centre believes that academic institutions can make a realistic difference and be instrumental in positive transformation in the world around them. Thus, apart from academic and research programmes, the Centre promotes HIV/Aids community interaction initiatives. The Africa Centre believes that HIV/Aids awareness and prevention messages through community interaction initiatives must be stronger, continuous and more creative – now more than ever.

Educational Theatre
In line with its philosophy for its community interaction initiatives to be stronger, continuous and more creative, the Centre developed a fresh approach to HIV/Aids related education programmes through its

 educational theatre productions, Lucky, the Hero! and Lucky Fish.

Filled with humour and popular music while providing the essential facts about HIV/Aids – especially as research done on farms in the Boland found that HIV/Aids-related knowledge levels were alarmingly low – these theatre models have proven to be powerful intervention vehicles. They create general awareness, increase knowledge about HIV/Aids, promote HIV testing, address safer and responsible sexual and moral behaviour aimed at preventing infection and tackle discrimination and stigma. Feedback after performances shows that audiences are better informed, more motivated to change their behaviour in regards to safer sex measures such as condomizing, being faithful, and treating people with compassion and respect where HIV/Aids is concerned. The Africa Centre’s educational theatre interventions have been enthusiastically received on farms, and by schools, churches and businesses alike.

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