Lokxion Foundation

Lokxion Foundation strives to develop and empower youth & elders in impoverished townships through Social Enterprise, Education, Arts, Sport and Heritage.

With the vision of creating opportunities and a platform on which to explore, transform and grow talent in the township, Lokxion Foundation’s main objectives are:

  • To empower youth and elders and assist them in seeking initiatives that changes their lives and that of the greater communities.
  • To facilitate a system-wide change for youth social entrepreneurship by building the capacity in entrepreneurship education and incubating and Accelerating High-impact Youth Social Entrepreneurs
  • To develop leadership amongst youth and to encourage participation in sports and educational activities that seek to empower their minds.
  • To create an interaction space for township youth, to keep the youth away from substance/drug abuse, and other life threatening activities.
  • To engage in campaigning, advocacy, mobilizing public opinion and influencing policy in favour of social security, realization of rights and improvement of the standard of living of adolescents.


To create a safe, sociable and educational atmosphere where youth are nurtured and encouraged to grow.


  1. Kayamandi Arts & Cultural Festival (KACF). The purpose is to promote the variety and tradition of all performing arts and sport. We want to create opportunities for all youth, and strongly encourage community involvement to diversity cultural celebration. Our main goal is to bring attention to the beautiful world that we live in (especially Kayamandi) by uniting all of these talents and people.
  2. Stellenbosch Professionals Network (SPN). SPN focuses on bringing together like-minded individuals to network, exchange ideas and form business partnerships.
  3. Lokxion Gospel Project. The Gospel Project is ministry orientated, vocal celebratory and community grooming.


Tel: 082 087 2432

Fax: 086 566 1623

Email: paul@lokxionlifestyle.co.za

Address: 1849 Snake Valley, Kayamandi, Stellenbosch, 7600

Facebook: LoKxion Lifestyle; Miss/Mr Kayamandi Pageant