Prochorus Community Development

Prochorus is a community-based organisation established in 1996 and is a registered non-profit, section 21 organisation that owes its existence to the consolidation of several projects.

We believe that helping the poor is a privilege and task of the advantaged communities. We also understand that such help needs to be professionally managed so that the experience is meaningful to all involved and not an endless drain of resources. Prochorus possesses a wealth of human resources in the form of volunteers with great and diverse skills and expertise that contributes to a knowledgeable and skilled management team. Through various community projects, Prochorus has made a significant contribution to the community through empowerment, training and skills development of children and adults.

Our current main focus is the needs of Kayamandi, but it is not restricted to this township alone and we hope to help all previously disadvantaged groups in and around Stellenbosch.

Mission and Vision

Prochorus Community Developments exists for the promoting of social development and advancement on both community and individual level.

Our primary focus is to redress the social imbalances as a rectifiable legacy and secondarily the mutual integration of diverse communities around the areas of common need and concern.

Prochorus Community Developments is committed to the development of all communities with respect to their diverse specific needs:

  • Advantaged communities are targeted for the purpose of mobilising and advancing their philanthropic capacity. Ongoing education will be done to bring an understanding of its interdependence relative to disadvantaged communities.
  • Disadvantaged communities are served according to the guidelines of need-assessment studies, and the accessibility of resources.

Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of the people of Kayamandi by:

  • Contributing towards the education of children and adults;
  • Assisting them in acquiring skills that will allow them to become financially independent; and
  • Teaching them how to protect themselves against addiction, physical abuse and other criminal offences.


  1. Creche Support Programme. We believe that improved Early Childhood Development is the first and most important step towards the social development and advancement of Kayamandi. We contribute in the enhancement of Early Childhood Development through the implementation of sustainable programmes at existing crèches by actively supporting crèche owners, through training, the coordination and provision of volunteers and the sourcing and distribution of sponsorships and donations.
  2. Computer Literacy and English Literacy via computers. Prochorus presents computer literacy classes to adults. The objective of this initiative is firstly to broaden employment possibilities for the participants, but secondly the aim is to use the classes as a tool to teach basic communication skills (listening, responding and acting on instructions). Classes are conducted in English which also provides the learners with an opportunity to better their language abilities.
  3. Crisis counselling for Raped and Abused Women and Children. Prochorus appointed a counselor to be available to meet with rape victims as soon as possible after an assault to provide in-depth counseling and assistance in prosecuting offenders.We are also involved with teaching the community to make them more aware of how to protect themselves from abuse. Rape prevention skills are taught in local schools to empower children to protect themselves. A project which has grown out of the above project is our playgroups!
  4. Playgroups Project. In the beginning of 2011 we started a playgroup for toddlers in Kayamandi to keep them safe and occupied in the mornings and to expose them to vital Early Childhood Development. We have managed to establish very well organized and successful playgroups for 22 children who would not receive any education before formal schooling if they were not attending the playgroup.
  5. Support-a-child. Although school fees have been abolished since 2007, most families in Kayamandi cannot afford basic required materials such as books, uniforms and stationary. Through a sponsorship programme, individual donators can provide financial support for a child or a number of children to supply in their education needs, for a chosen period of time. The funds and distribution thereof are managed by the Prochorus Office, ensuring application for the intended purposes.
  6. Unakho Centre for the Differently Abled. The objective of the Unakho Centre is to enable differently abled people to make a meaningful contribution to their community. Two strategies are employed in achieving this objective; firstly the Centre will provide care and developmental therapy to differently abled persons and secondly the community will be educated on living with and caring for differently abled people.
  7. Kitchen Garden. Prochorus, in partnership with a local church, has planted a vegetable garden on the church grounds. The objective of the garden is to supply our soup kitchen, the Unakho Centre and some of our creches with food. Apart from the soup kitchen we also have a group of people that receive food parcels from us every month. They are encouraged to learn to plant vegetables for themselves or to sell vegetables.
  8. Drama Group. Irish Students launched a drama group consisting of High School Children in Kayamandi as part of their practical assignment in 2008. The aim of the group is to provide a common goal for the children to strive towards, instilling a sense of discipline and achievement and also to improve their language and communication abilities. Prochorus will continue with this group and will make use of local and international volunteers for facilitation.
  9. Emergency Relief. Prochorus has an established working relationship with the Disaster Management Department of the Municipality of Stellenbosch. We assist during emergencies and disasters such as fires or floods by providing supplies to the community. Churches and individuals in the vicinity provide us with new and used clothes and food parcels on a regular basis. Daily applications for relief are received and evaluated, before distributing supplies. In case of disasters, specific needs are communicated to the community and distribution coordinated by the Prochorus Office.


Tel: 021 889 8160
Fax: 021 889 8162
PO Box 3374, Matieland, Stellenbosch, 7602