The Early Education Centre (TEEC), a registered non-profit organisation, was established in 2008 to meet community needs in the provision of early childhood development programs and services. TEEC works to increase access to, and improve the quality of, care and education for children aged 0-9 years in the disadvantaged communities of the greater Stellenbosch and surrounding wineland areas in the Western Cape of South Africa.

TEEC functions as a resource centre that organises playgroups and school holiday programmes to provide activities and stimulation for young children. Educators, parents and care givers are able to borrow educational toys and equipment from TEEC’s toy library to promote holistic development in their early childhood centres as well as at home. Educators and parents are also able to access training, mentoring, support and resources that encourage improved care and stimulation for the optimal development of young children.

Vision, Mission & Goals

TEEC’s vision is for young children to learn through play. We believe society should invest in early education and one of the characteristics of children is learning through play.

Our Mission is to improve the quality of early learning and education for children 0-9 years.

TEEC strives to:

  • Operate a resource centre and toy library for primary caregivers and practitioners to borrow resources, educational toys and equipment to stimulate children’s early learning and enable them to reach their potential.
  • Create a positive and nurturing environment for parents, especially teenage parents, to gain an understanding of their responsibilities with regards to effective parenting practices and the role they play in the early learning and development of their children.
  • Increase awareness of children’s rights in relation to development, survival and protection.
  • Train, mentor and support early childhood practitioners to improve the quality of early childhood programmes.
  • Assist early childhood sites to comply with the Children’s Act (No.38 of 2005) to register as a partial care facility and access the Government subsidy to sustain the site.
  • Build partnerships with government, local businesses, farms, community organisations and donors to act collectively so that opportunities to participate in a range of quality ECD programmes can become a reality.


  1. School holiday programmes that provide vulnerable young children with care, nutrition and educational activities.
  2. Playgroups in the community for children without access to any form of early childhood education.
  3. Skills development for teachers to assist ECD centres to improve the quality of services they provide to the children in their care and the wider community.
  4. Governing body training to enhance the skills of principals, teachers, governing body members and ECD forum members who are responsible for managing ECD facilities.
  5. Provision of Education Equipment and training on its effective use to ensure a quality early learning environment.
  6. Assist ECD centres with registration as a partial care facility with the Provincial Department of Social Development and accessing the ECD subsidy to become sustainable.
  7. Assist registered ECD centres to remain compliant with minimum standards and implement strategies that provide young children with age-appropriate programs and preparation for future learning;
  8. Parent education and training workshops to empower parents to support informal learning in the home as well as targeting specific early childhood development topics and challenges faced by parents, families and community members.


Tel: 082 473 8183
Email: teecsa1@gmail.com
Website: www.teec.org.za
Address: Rietenbosch Primary, Lang Street, Cloetesville, Stellenbosch, 7600