Eduvate  – Address the inequality of education standards in South African Schools making use of innovative methods facilitated by technology.


In South Africa there are approximately 12,4 million learners in 25,862 schools.  Amongst them are our future doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s leader, all holding the potential to contribute and change the future of our nation. Here lies generations, waiting to be recognized, unlocked and developed through an education system that should prepare and position them to fill these roles in the future.

Unfortunately, this is not the reality for the majority of South Africa’s youth and children. The harsh legacy of the apartheid regime brought about a highly unequal education system, posing a threat to the well-being and development of 75-80% of South Africa’s children and youth in the dysfunctional part of the schooling system. Schools lack basic infrastructure and classrooms are overcrowded. Educators experience high workloads, back-breaking demands and many educators have not mastered the curricula that they are expected to teach. The sub-standard quality of education provided to our youth and children have severe crippling economic consequences in the not so distant future.

We ask ourselves, where does changing this trend start? We at Eduvate aim to turn the severe loss of human potential around, partnering with school communities to build and develop innovative well-functioning learning communitiesCollaborating with various stakeholders, we aim to create, implement and share innovative educational practices and resources with the core focus on numeracy, literacy and technology.

Eduvate intends to bring forth a redesign in how learning takes place and a flip in traditional thinking. Through this mission, we aim to cultivate school communities that successfully prepare and position the next generation to be innovative contributors to the social, economic and environmental growth and well-being of local communities and inevitably our entire country.

We can only achieve this by having a shared vision, working hand in hand to change education for the better! 

Cause Profile

Consider how the education of one child holds the potential to change their future, influence their family and inspire the ambitions of siblings. The potential to break cycles of poverty and change the course of their future children’s opportunities and the fate of their communities and our country.

Born as a small in-house CSI initiative of Space Age Technologies in 2009, Eduvate was registered as a Not-for-Profit company in 2011 in order to carry forward a vision for quality education.

At the core of Eduvate is a deep rooted passion to find ways to address the inequality of education standards in South African schools by making use of innovative methods facilitated by technology. Our vision for positive transformation of communities through meaningful education is not only our vision, but a vision for our country and its future.

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Space Age Community Outreach – Eduvate

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