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Imbadu Ma-Afrika Development Consortium

– Sharing Ideas and Action Plans

About Us

Imbadu is a registered nonprofit organization (NPO): 102-840 based in the Cape Winelands District Municipality area in Stellenbosch, Khayamandi. The name is herewith referred in a shortened version as IMBADU, meaning among other things sharing ideas and action plans in isiXhosa.Presidents Rholihlahla Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki reintroduced the idea of African Renaissance after April 27, 1994 to reclaim African heritage, identity, ubuntu, human dignity and driving reconstruction plans. Enhanced meaning of masakhane in isiXhosa, which means let us build each other and Vuk’ uzenzele, that means rise up and do it for yourself, and Ubuntu which epitomizes our humanity, that is each person is a person through others, in isiXhosa we say: “Umntu ngumntu ngabantu”.


  • To mobilize community residents and private sector to harness available resources for a sustainable development
  • To promote African cultural heritage through research, access economic opportunities, good education and skills
  • To confront poverty with new skills, jobs, land for housing, farming, social entrepreneurs and sustainable design


  • To strive towards building key sustainable collaborative partnerships to enhance development
  • To endeavour rendering a critical support to our local, provincial and national government
  • To identify opportunities to advance development through cultural heritages and capacity
  • To encourage community members to actively participate to design and decide their future
  • To drive action in collaborative partnerships with like minded organizations and networks
  • To enhance African cultural heritage through research, visual art, arts and cultural activities
  • To research, document Khayamandi history and display it for local and international tourists
  • To establish Khayamandi heritage centre to become beacon of hope and centre of memory
  • To reserve two to three historical hostels as educative sites about the Khayamandi history
  • To stimulate self-consciousness, better understanding of each other and self-confidence
  • To jointly build sustainable economic opportunities, new skills, entrepreneurs and prosperity
  • To harness resources to access land for housing, farming, education and business hubspaces.


  • Khayamandi Heritage Research Project – Solms-Delta, University, private sector and locals
  • IMBADU Housing Project – over 373 members within and beyond RDP threshold (R3500)
  • Organizing special events including some interesting business opportunities presentations
  •  Coordination of broadly diverse stakeholders consultative engagements and discussions

Contact Us

Thumakele Gosa

Telephone:  +27(0)83 338 4695

Physical Address:  128 Monde Crescent, Khayamandi, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa, 7600