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MA Africa Experiences

Support local community NGO’s with human resources and expertise by matching international volunteers with the local NGO in terms of specific help that is neede.  Also support local community initiatives and programs.

About Us

Ama Africa Experiences was founded by social entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping local communities and people in South Africa. We provide safe, responsible, high quality Inbound travel experiences to individuals and groups from Overseas.  Our programmes include the CARE, SHARE, RARE and DARE Experiences, which include Volunteering in South Africa, Group experiences, Skills sharing and High School exchange programmes amongst others.

We work with internationally recognized partner organisations that belong to international associations such as the World Youth Student and Travel Confederation (WYSTEC), and all our programmes are run in accordance with guidelines set by these organisations. We work closely with disadvantaged communities, projects and institutions in South Africa and try to make a difference in local communities by offering skills training development programmes, therefore stimulating local economies and creating opportunities for people from different cultures. It’s an opportunity to learn from others, respect other cultures and embrace the concept of working together.

We believe that voluntary services help empower local communities by providing support in poverty alleviation, skills training and community development and aim to help improve the quality of life of many local South Africans.


  • Ama Africa Experiences was established by social entrepreneurs dedicated to a single goal, namely to work together with local communities to make a positive contribution to growth and development of people from all ages and all walks of life in South Africa.
  • We do so by facilitating a process whereby local needs are suitably matched with international skills and resources.
  • We encourage healthy partnerships and work with international sending organizations who promote our programmes abroad.
  • We believe that through the medium of travel and tourism, local communities can benefit from initiatives such as volunteering and skills sharing programmes.
  • We incorporate our mission statement into everything we do, from how we work together, how we behave towards others in local communities, and how we promote sustainable responsible development at a local level.
  • We believe in a sustainable future, carbon offsetting, recycling and a greener living policy.

What We Offer

  • CARE EXPERIENCE: Volunteering experiences
  • SHARE EXPERIENCE: High School Exchange & Skills sharing
  • RARE EXPERIENCE: Themed experiential travel for groups
  • DARE EXPERIENCE: Adventure & cultural tour experiences

Contact Us

Address:  PO Box 111, Ruyteplaats, Hout Bay, 7806, Cape Town, South Africa.

Telephone: +27(0)780343378

Fax: +27(0)86 667 5090 or +27(0)86 293 2082