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STOPis an independent, Christian value-based organisation which aims to create awareness and educate the public about the realities of human trafficking.

By partnering with other organisations aimed at combating human trafficking, joining forces and sharing resources, we believe it is possible to have a lasting impact on our societies through awareness campaigns.

All operations conducted by STOP rely solely on donations.

How we do it

Prayer is an integral part of everything we do and we have various prayer groups that come together once a week.

We source and develop training material and resources for care givers, teachers and the like, that can be used to create awareness for various people groups, and we distribute it to anyone who has a need for it.

We have joined forces with organisations like the Family Policy Institute who are involved in advocacy, specifically related to the possible legalisation of prostitution in our country, and also addresses the enforcement of the current law.

We utilise the platform provided by the media to create awareness with the public around of the dangers of human trafficking and provide them with means to become involved in combating this act of violence. We carry out awareness training at schools and various other institutions around the continent. Approximately 70,000 children have been reached and empowered to be aware of the dangers of human trafficking and to not be victims.

In partnership with law enforcement and private investigators Stop Trafficking of People is also involved in carrying out rescue operations, freeing women and children from the clutches of human traffickers.

By the establishment of safe houses all over South Africa to assist and secure victims with a safe place to stay when rescued from traffickers.

Who we do it with

Our partners include:

  • Straatwerk
  • Justice Acts
  • Salvation Army
  • On Mission South Africa
  • National Freedom network

Why Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is currently the fastest growing illegal industry in the world.  It is estimated that up to one million people are trafficked across international borders annually, with many more trafficked internally in their own countries.  Drugs and arms you can only sell once, but a human being you can keep on selling over and over again.

It is proven that major sports and cultural events such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup which was recently held in South Africa, creates a booming market for the sex industry and therefore increases the trafficking of people within and into our country.

We have decided to make it our mission to educate, warn and protect South Africans against this global phenomenon called human trafficking in order to prevent South Africa from becoming a human trafficking hot spot.  We believe that South Africa has enough to offer in terms of entertainment, cultural heritage and tourist attractions, and that we don’t need to follow countries like Brazil which is overtaking Thailand as the prime destination for sex tourism.

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