The Importance of Corporate Volunteers & Mentorship

Companies that have implemented employee volunteer programmes report an enhanced public image, a more committed and motivated workforce, higher staff retention, reduced training costs and added CSI benefits. Employees benefit from the energy and pride they gain from their exposure to community based organizations and challenges such as teamwork, leadership and communication.

During the pilot phase Remgro staff will assist the individual NPO’s with the implementation of the capacity building interventions. In order for training of NGO staff to be truly efficient, practical implementation, mentoring and monitoring will be the crucial factors to the success of the project. Research indicates that well thought-out and managed volunteer programmes have very real benefits. Most importantly, beneficiary partners benefit from the knowledge and skills transferred to them from the corporate volunteers.

If sustainable NPO’s, that meet social needs, can be financed and supported we have the ability to create lasting social impact. The time has come to look outside the narrow borders of CSI or enterprise development focus and consider alternatives for creating social change through social enterprise development. Not only by providing access to finance can corporates contribute, but also by filling the gaps that exist in the provision of essential non-financial business development services such as technical assistance and the transfer of knowledge in order to bring these enterprises to a point of investment readiness. It is important to back real change champions whose work broadens opportunity in South Africa in order to get a proper social return on investments.