Applications now open for 2013 participation

Internationally research has shown that community organisations often lack capacity in areas such as financial management, reporting and monitoring of projects. Many community organisations also lack sufficient funding. Without dynamic websites and other marketing tools and when their financial administration and support functions are not on levels that enable them to be sustainable, such organisations find it increasingly difficult to raise funds from large donors.

SOS wants to help organisations with these functions, so that they can concentrate on their core function, to help those who are poor and vulnerable in society. By strengthening specific community organisations, SOS also hopes to strengthen civil society, democracy and human rights.

There are more than a hundred community organisations in the greater Stellenbosch. These organisations do commendable work on a wide range of causes. Many will benefit with help to prepare financial statements, marketing and fundraising campaigns and business plans. Often the primary aid or development done by these organisations take up so much of their time that little is left for monitoring their effectiveness. By assisting organisations in the greater Stellenbosch to build capacity, especially in administrative and management support and in reporting and monitoring, SOS will help organisations to perform their core activities better and with improved effect.

It is therefore with pleasure that we herewith confirm that the SOS project under the auspices of the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (GSDT) has been given the green light by its founder donor, to proceed with its second year in 2013.

In order for you to be considered as one of the participating organisations, your organisation must be situated in the municipal district of the greater Stellenbosch and you must provide us with the information in the attached application form by the latest Friday 19 April 2013. You may scan and mail or hand deliver the information to the contact details provided in the application form. Please note that late replies will unfortunately disqualify you as one of the possible candidates.

While completing the application form please remember that the aim of the project is to strengthen organisations, and that you must therefore answer as comprehensively as possible and not be worried if you cannot answer some of the questions, or if you are not in possession of the requested documents. The essence of the SOS project is to help you identify the areas where you need support in your organisation and to strengthen your organisation by giving you support in that specific area of identified need. You will therefore not be penalized if you do not answer all the questions.

Please also note that there will be no cost to your organisation for taking part in the SOS project, as the project will be entirely donor sponsored.

After perusing your completed application form, and if you are one of the organizations considered for the SOS project, we will advise you in writing and conduct an onsite visit and interview, and thereafter make the final selection. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or if you are unsure about any question in the attached application form.

 Kindly complete and return the application form if your organisation is interested to benefit from the SOS programme in any way.





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