SOS Pilot Project Feedback

Feedback on the SOS training provided

SOS received an overwhelming positive response from the 12 Pilot Organisations at the end of 2012. Here are a few excerpts:

…I feel that I benefitted greatly from the SOS involvement. The due diligence process was thorough and showed the areas that needed urgent attention.

…Thank you for a very useful experience

…I had an opportunity to attend a proposal writing skills training at SOS. It was a great experience that equipped me with the necessary and essential knowledge required to write a proposal. The training was very informative for a beginner and the information was clear and easy to understand. The presenter was very organized and knowledgeable about what she was doing, she explained everything very clear. Presentation was excellent and the course material very good. I am very happy to say today I know where to start and what information is essential to have when writing a proposal.

…It [the due diligence] was a real eye-opener and a shock. But I found it so worthwhile and it really made it clear what it would take to start a NPO/trust.

…Developed skills that can specifically be applied, eg proposal writing.

…Yes our organisation definitely benefited from the SOS project. The formal training that we received was very beneficial, and our organisation would never have been able to afford to pay for this. The networking with the other SOS projects was also very useful.

…The due diligence is a useful tool to plan an organisation’s own further path of development as it summarised areas of competence as well as areas in need of further development.

…Yes, part of my duties involved assisting my boss with proposal writing and I relied only on the information he gave me as I had no formal training or background on how to do it. Having the opportunity to attend the proposal writing training at SOS was a great experience for me. I am confident to say, I am equipped with the necessary and essential information / knowledge required to write a proposal. The training was very informative for a beginner and the information was clear and easy to understand.

…We just want to take this opportunity to thank the SOS team for their informative and helpful training sessions. The training is really helpful for us to improve as an individual and for the organisation.

…Although it was not possible to get all of our members to sessions the people that did participate, like myself and our newly appointed curator, were very impressed with the standard of the presentations. We were also very enthusiastically received by members of Remgro. This personal contact was of extreme importance.

…I am very impressed by the Remgro volunteers and found it extremely valuable – also the combination of formal training and volunteer help. Every one of the volunteers was professional, extremely friendly and helpful.  Thank you to Cheryl for all her trouble and effort to make it a great, once in a lifetime experience.

…Overall the insight developed can only benefit our Organisation.

…The Pniël Heritage and Cultural Trust is extremely happy and feel privilege to have been chosen as one of the first group of NGO`s to participate.

…The opportunity to network and explore areas where resources can be shared.

… I attended the morning seminar “Amazink@Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust”, my feedback: as I have only recently joined the team of the Africa Centre, it was an extremely interesting meeting especially to get more insight into other NGO’s in the region and their scope. Networking possibilities.

…I would like to thank the SOS Project for all the training and help during 2012. It was a wonderful experience for me and everyone that attended with me. I have not learned so much in such a short space of time like this year – all because of the SOS project and Remgro staff. Good luck and great success for the future of SOS.

Feedback on GivenGain

All the SOS NPOs were asked to report on results from their involvement with the GivenGain website.

Natascha Proost, of the Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS Management, described GivenGain as “getting yourself a car, you can sit in it and expect it to take you somewhere, which it can, but not until you use the vehicle correctly. GivenGain is a tool that will provide an added value if given time, also allow it to grow organically, not only within the own organization, but  for the general public to become aware of, like the social media.” Through implementing their training on social media, Natascha has placed the GivenGain logo on their Facebook and Twitter pages, which resulted in little over R5000 in donations since their involvement.

Of the other NPOs who have websites, to date we have not yet received any feedback regarding GivenGain, except for 2-22 (who has been involved with GivenGain for the past two years) and Vineyard Community Foster Homes, both not having received any funding.



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