Update on the SOS Pilot Project Training

Early 2012 the SOS team conducted a due diligence process on each of the 12 selected pilot projects. This process included a site visit which lasted about 6 – 8 hours per organisation; during this visit an interview was conducted and a report per NGO on the following was compiled:

  • Overview (general overview, size in terms of operational budget, focus of programmes/geographical impact)
  • Developmental phase
  • SWOT analysis
  • Developmental focus areas

The outcome of the due-diligence process highlighted the knowledge gaps which are categorised under 13 themes. The table below is a summary of the number of knowledge gaps within the 12 organisations per theme:



Governance support


Strategic support


Management & leadership support


Accessing funding


Marketing, Branding and Public Relations


Staff/volunteer development


Legal assistance


Social & environment enterprise opportunities


Sharing assets and infrastructure


IT support & Knowledge management


Financial management support


Monitoring and Evaluation


Specialist interventions



The three major problem themes collectively for the NGO’s were:

  • Accessing funding
  • Marketing, branding and public relations
  • Governance support

As a result, special care was taken in identifying seminars, training sessions and courses which would effectively address the knowledge gaps. Some of the gaps could be addressed directly by volunteers, strategically chosen to assist the NGO with the implementation of newly acquired knowledge, and others needed specialist training. It was suggested that the Remgro volunteers (with the matching profile and capabilities) would also attend the training, so that they can assist the NGO with the implementation of newly gained knowledge. The entire process and impact of the interventions are being monitored and evaluated.

The following training was conducted in 2012:

1. Formal Training

The following training sessions have been concluded:

  • 18 September:  Marketing & PR for NGO’s by Melanie Jackson
  • 25 & 27 September: Fundraising audit and sources of funding and creative thinking by Melanie Jackson and Jill Ritchie.
  • 02 October: Proposal Writing by Jill Ritchie.
  • 26 November: Monitoring and Evaluation by Jill Ritchie
  • Late November and early December: 3 day GivenGain Training

2. Volunteer Sessions 

The following sessions were concluded by Remgro volunteers:

  • A series of legal / governance sessions which included one-on-one time with NPOs
  • HR Session
  • Financial Session
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint Training

3. Other opportunities given via SOS 

  • 20, 21 June 2012: Resource Mobilisation Workshop by Sustainable Development Network.
  • 11 October 2012: Morning seminar. Social Enterprise Development, BEE-EE, Corporate Volunteering
  • 23, 24 October 2012: Social Enterprise Workshop

4. Training still to be concluded are the following: 

  • NPO Leadership and Strategy workshop (USB)
  • Some NPO’s have requested one-on-one time with Jill Ritchie. They specifically need help with the M&E and Proposal Writing.
  • Transformation Movement by A2B
  • Volunteer session on meeting management, and other administrative and company secretarial matters (requested by Akkerdoppies)
  • Volunteer session: IT support specifically requested by Bergzicht Training.
  • Volunteer session: Excel Training for Akkerdoppies
  • Volunteer sessions: We have received requests for more assistance with HR issues and Financial work.  Akkerdoppies has requested a session on appraisals. Appraisal training will be applicable to more organisations. Akkerdoppies also indicated training on IR.
  • Training for Remgro volunteers: We suggest a morning-session/training for all corporate volunteers who wish to work on programme level with the NPO’s.
  • Bergzicht Training also indicated that they would appreciate help on how to set up a UK trust for the organisation.


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