INSPIREtoREAD (I2R), a partner of the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust, is based at the Ikhaya Trust Centre in Kayamandi. I2R also renders services to other communities in the Helderberg Region.

A Norwegian Preschool teacher and family therapist, Sverre Jor, gave the following feedback after two weeks at the Literacy Centre and spending time with Grade R: “In Norway the children start school at the age of 6, and I have worked with that age in Norway. I must tell everyone that will read this that the level of the children I have seen in some of the groups has made me very impressed. One of the groups has a level just as good as the one that we see in Norway. And the Norwegian children have computers and TV to use. I believe that the literacy program that the trust is using is making the difference, and that it helps the children to be readers.”

According to the PIRLS report ,2006, South-Africa ranked 130th out of 139 countries in the world with regards to Literacy levels – even worse that poorer countries like Malawi, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique. Recently the Education Department in South Africa released statistics that indicated 80 % of grade 5’s in South Africa cannot read and write. INSPIREtoREAD wants to help make a difference and will focus on Literacy for children.


To see all children literate


To teach children Literacy skills that will help them be successful in reaching their potential


Passion, Nurturing and Excellence


Teacing & Training: INSPIREtoREAD will teach children to read and write. The focus will be on preschool and Foundation Phase children. To make this possible INSPIREtoREAD will train caregivers, teachers, parents and volunteers skills to assist children with reading and writing.
ASPIREtoBE: INSPIREtoREAD will work on creating bridges between hard working children as well as children that show potential and mentors to assist them in the future by taking an interest and encouraging development of each child.
Material development and establishment of literacy rooms: Books and other learning materials to assist with Literacy teaching and training will be developed as well as the establishment of multi-functional literacy rooms in communities with a need.
PS.Fund: Assist victims of bullying by making professional help available and use writing as a therapeutic tool.

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