Bergzicht Training

Bergzicht Training Centre is a non-governmental organisation situated in the heart of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Our story began in 1992 as a response to the pressing need of training the unskilled and unemployed people of the Western Cape. At the time a survey in the area showed that there was a lack of trained workers in the fields of domestic work, frailcare, educare and catercare, which naturally became our fields of focus. With a holistic framework in mind we also started an in-house placement bureau. This meant that unlike other training projects we would continue supporting our students after they had fulfilled their courses through helping them find permanent employment or create their own job opportunity. Together the demand for their newly founded skills and the placement bureau were going to enhance their chances of finding a job and bettering their lives.

The Home Management course forms the basis for all our advance courses:

Frailacare, Educare and Catercare.
Our students also learn life skills such as money management and work ethic. Our courses provide our students with both theoretical and practical training as we believe that practical training strengthens their understanding of their theoretical knowledge. It also introduces them to potential employers and ensures that the training they receive is relevant to the needs of their chosen industry. We are accredited with the Services SETA and all our courses comply with the guidelines of the SA Qualifications Authority and the Skills Development Act.

Bergzicht Training Centre currently offers 32 full-time courses and trains about 400 students every year.
However, we are annually approached by approximately 1500 applicants. Our hope for the future is to be able to offer more courses and train even more students as this discrepancy clearly highlights the need to continue our work.

Contact us
c/o Merriman and Bird Street, Stellenbosch
Tel: 021 -887 0081
Fax: 086 729 3491