Pniël Heritage and Cultural Trust


The main object of the Trust is the advancement, promotion and conservation of the Pniël Cultural Historical heritage.


The village of Pniël is a former mission station that was established in 1843, mainly for the freed slaves who worked on the farms in the valley. Pniël thus became the only mission station and village that harboured the freed slaves in the municipality of Stellenbosch.

Over the years the Congregational Church worked hard to keep this history alive through cultural activities and the erection of monuments like the Freedom Monument, the Slave Bell and the Ubuntu Monument that was unveiled by Dr Kenneth Kaunda in 2006.
The Pniël Heritage and Cultural Trust was born out of this need to focus on the history and culture of a Slave Village that became the potential tourist destination of today.

To establish a Heritage Site with the historical, original church of 1843/5 and a museum and adjacent tea garden that will tell the amazing story of this village.

Through the Heritage Site we aim to provide tourists and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the
splendour of nature whilst savouring the delicacies of traditional Village chefs.
• Create opportunities for home stays, tourist guides etc.
• To create, through the museum, roll models for our young people- people who excelled in the
various fields like sport, professionals, and artisans.
• To create a sense of belonging, knowing where we come from.

The “Old Pastorie”, the original farmstead of the farm Papiere Molen- the farm on which Pniël was
established and till 2011 served as rectory – has now been renovated to house the museum.

The Pniël Heritage and Cultural Trust, with the help of prof Mathida Burden from Stellenbosch
University, is now in the process of furnishing the museum: kitchen etc. Dr Esther Lategan is assisting
with the design of the garden. We would like to create a sustainable museum.


Trustees: MJ Cyster, AE Meyer, JC Myburgh, SJ November, FA Simpson,

PO Box 40, Pniel, 7681

Tel: 021 – 885 1094
Cell: 083 324 7691