Usiko Stellenbosch

Usiko Stellenbosch is a not for profit community centred social development practice. We work collaboratively with youth towards building a culture of resilience in addressing both the current and historical socio-economic challenges that confront them.   Our work is done in partnership with relevant state agencies, civil society networks and local and international funders.


We acknowledge the debilitating impact of decades of under development on our communities and on our youth in particular due to South Africa’s racialised history. We recognise that broken families, substance abuse, gansterism and crime are fundamentally linked to this history.  Our youth remain at risk in these circumstances and Usiko Stellenbosch supports them in building a sustainable future for themselves and for future generations of young people.


Usiko Stellenbosch believes that the education and the development of the youth are critical ingredients in building a healthy and prosperous society.  In doing so, the organisation applies innovative approaches focusing on life skills, mentoring and wilderness programmes.  Our projects

 are targeted at school going youth and youth who have been or who are at risk of becoming entangled with the justice system.  Here; the central objective of the organisation is to improve the opportunities available to young people, especially those at risk, to enable them to break out of a cycle of poverty, crime and violence.  This objective is carried through our two work streams, namely (1) The School Based Prevention Programme and (2) The Community and Court Based Diversion programme. These programme streams aims to:

  • Divert young people in conflict with the law from a punitive to a rehabilitative and restorative justice system
  • Create community and school-based prevention programmes for adolescent boys and girls to cope with the challenges of their social environment
  • Establish a livelihood & skills programme for youth-at-risk to increase their skills and Employability and lastly;

Strengthen the community based mentoring programme with young people so to build a cadre of Mentors to support and sustain the Usiko practice and expand the value our work


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